Stakeholder Workshops January 2018 Tackling fuel poverty and cold related ill health together

Under One Roof Tackling fuel poverty and cold-related ill health together
Regional stakeholder workshops
Dear Colleague On behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Liverpool City Council has commissioned National Energy Action (NEA) to carry out a review of the projects where health bodies are funding and/or working in partnership with fuel poverty alleviation schemes, and to evidence best practice when it comes to cross-sector collaboration. NEA invites you to attend one of two Under One Roof regional stakeholder workshops to find out more about the research, hear from speakers representing a range of best practice schemes, and have an opportunity to feed into the research findings. The workshops are being held on 24 January 2018 in Manchester and 26 January 2018 in London. The research will:


  • Evidence which areas within the health sector and public health teams are most engaged with the cold homes agenda and what evidence they require from scheme providers
  • Evidence the type of partnerships that have been most successful in securing a different way of working (financial or otherwise) with health sector bodies and public health
  • Promote examples of good practice for scheme providers looking to evidence the case for, and secure, health sector investment/collaboration
  • Create an ‘engagement guide’ for scheme providers covering the kind of evidence that could be presented to different health bodies and how, and discuss the variety of approaches that can be taken to engage the health sector and public health
  • Consolidate current national best practice to highlight and sign-post up-to-date metrics for measuring health impacts of fuel poverty/cold homes interventions
  • Develop further policy recommendations for BEIS, public health and health sector bodies to enable further integration of the housing, health and cold homes agendas


To attend either of these workshops please register here. Space is limited so we recommend you book as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about these workshops, please contact Research Officer Jamie-Leigh Ruse.




Helen Stockton

Policy and Research Manager