Labour markets are complex and fluid; how can schools create better pathways to employers?

Facilitators: Will Roberts (South Glos. Education Partnership)
Tracey France (South Glos. Council)


– two-way process
– sharing success stories
– benefits to work force of investing in young people

General versus specific
– general: work experience, Saturday jobs etc. to strengthen resilience
– specific: awareness/links to employment areas e.g. engineering

– when to engage students with employers
– differs by level (16 – 21+), and by sector


School hubs to organize careers’ guidance events that are more focused – large events are  less likely to influence young people

South Glos. Employer Hub which streamlines and supports delivery of the CEIAG input for schools and promotes additional links such as mentoring, ?? engaging with SMEs

Schools in South Glos. need to find different solutions for engaging with SMEs so that they can effectively link with schools

Table 1 additional notes:

Schools are pathways to employers.
Two way conversation
Cultural divide and gap – SMEs in particular
Need to communicate to businesses that there are benefits in investing I the workforce. Need to move away from this distrust and worry about loss of investment

Communicating good success stories to business ad the difference made by young people undertaking apprenticeships

Monitoring the outcomes of work experience.  There is currently no evidence of the benefits.

Better use of work experience and appropriate placement

Communicating case studies sharing the routes taken after leaving school and the result i.e. job achievement

Very few children actually move straight from school to employment therefore link with employers is more about preparedness.