Without quality, properly funded, independent careers advice service how can we inform and guide young people’s aspirations, abilities and talents into the jobs of the future?

Facilitators:  Nicky Williams (Business West)
Matt Hunt (Avon Fire and Rescue Services)


Explore how to support, maintain and communicate, and financially support businesses and educators.

Continuing best practice and careers related opportunities (extra curricular) via Ambitions event, TeenTech, cluster model etc.

Joined-up strategic alignment; funding communications (through hubs?).  Defragment; more cost-effective

ECM – educators and employers could be at heart.  More employers need to get involved. Lobby central government for support.

Additional notes:
Buddying approach in hubs.  Working with employers.
How does this all relate to CEC?
Relationship and challenges with raising the participation age
NOT reinventing the wheel
Involving parents/carers


Develop education opportunities into sector specific skills to capitalize on a young person’s desire to attain that line of employment.  All schools pursue the charter mark approach – inspire young people.

Identify a point in development KS 2/3 or neutral point where development and interest is lost and not continued, supported and reinforced in secondary schools.  To encourage and give confidence to attain employment – bespoke support.

SMEs have an opportunity to engage at local school level and create the atmosphere of employability and develop that interest.  Locally accessible work whatever that line would be. Investing to some extent, to same.  LEP is involved in two out of five schools; why not in all? Develop not only academic but vocational opportunities