South Gloucestershire Town and Parish Charter

South Gloucestershire Parish Charter

The Charter is a framework for South Gloucestershire Council and the Town & Parish Councils (or Local Councils) to work in partnership in order to improve the wellbeing of the varied communities that make up South Gloucestershire. Through this Charter the respective councils agree to work in partnership whilst respecting each-other’s rights as separate democratic bodies.

The charter sets out how the local councils and South Gloucestershire Council will endeavour to work in partnership for the benefit of the local community while respecting their mutual rights as separate democratic bodies. 44 Town & Parish Councils and 3 community groups are signed up to the charter and a number of those local councils are represented on the Town & Parish Council Forum (previously the Parish Charter Working Group). This group meets quarterly to monitor progress and to raise issues that need to be addressed.

The 2017 Charter between South Gloucestershire Council and Town and Parish Councils can be accessed here