Refreshed Sustainable Community Strategy 2036

Recently, the South Gloucestershire Partnership reviewed and refreshed the Sustainable Community Strategy – the long-term, strategic vision for the area. The South Gloucestershire Partnership brings together private, public, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations who work with communities to identify and tackle key long, medium and short–term local issues.

The strategy was first developed in 2002 and has undergone several revisions.  It has been updated in response to the new opportunities and challenges presented by local and national policy, and socio-economic change.

The strategy sets out priorities and aims for South Gloucestershire in four sections:


Our Place:
enhance our natural and built environment, develop low-carbon, health promoting, integrated communities with a strong sense of place connected by well-planned transport networks

Our Economy:
maximise opportunities to access first class education, reduce the attainment gap and prosper through a balanced economy, a well-trained workforce and sustainable jobs for all


Our Communities:
engage people of all ages so they feel they belong and can help provide local solutions; support communities so they are safe and feel safe and have access to services of an optimum quality

Our Health:
promote personal well-being, reduce health inequalities and deliver high quality physical and mental health and social care services which protect our most vulnerable and offer people greater choice and control within strong, self-supporting communities

and each section identifies future challenges and priorities.

Click here Sustainable Community Strategy 2016 to read the document.

If you would like any more information on the strategy or about the partnership, please ring Stephanie on 01454 863868 or contact her via