Steve Curry (Vice Chair)

Chief Officer, CVS South Gloucestershire

I’ve had the pleasure to work at a senior level in the private, public and charity sectors. I started full-time work in the Civil Service, learning computer programming and seeing the arrival of computers on people’s desks – exciting for some and challenging for many.      

Involved since, in developing and turning-around businesses, co-writing Government strategy, leading non-profit Boards, regenerating and supporting communities, organisations and networks, coaching leaders and consulting in the public and VCSE sector, it has been a rich and in many ways, rewarding journey.         

If I had to pick themes from such a wide-ranging career, they would be: values, strategy, change and partnership.

Going back to the arrival of the PC as I began my career, not all the promises or threats of replacing people or even paper, have come true however, computers are indeed a new and useful tool, that is here to stay.

Many of the challenges and opportunities we now have, I believe, are best engaged through partnership working and, I hope to use my experience to support South Gloucestershire’s Strategic Partnership to be an effective vehicle for achieving this.